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Rebounce is not only a brand, it's a movement. Not only did we want to sell merchandise but also create a community and make our luxembourgish residents proud. Fly products with the freshest designs made around the corner.
While most stores were working on similar clothes and logos, we wanted to bring something new and hot to the market. We didn't care about the quantity in our store but about the quality that can be hard to get sometimes. Dreams and goals then led to beautiful experiences. Rui Miroto, Rebounce founder, struggled at first but then built a strong and loyal team which helped him gather the support needed. He'd turn nothing into something and find a solution for almost every problem. There were rules though. Two of the most important rules were to stay humble and treat our customers like Kings. Since Rui believes in Karma, "Our hard work and unstoppable grind will pay off" is steady repeated.
A lot of people wonder what "Rebounce Or Die" stands for but it's meaning is easy.. When you're down in life or simply feeling low, you either make sure you get back up or everything will get worst daily. We want to send a positive and powerful message to the people. Giving up is easy but fighting and holding it together when you have no reason to is true strength.
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